About Us

Who We Represent

The Highway Materials Group is comprised of ten national associations, listed below, representing companies that provide the construction materials and equipment essential to building America’s roads, highways, and bridges. We employ tens of thousands of men and women in well-paying American jobs, and we strongly support increased investment in America’s surface transportation network.

What We Advocate For

Since 2010, the HMG has strongly advocated for passage of a multi-year surface transportation bill via support letters to Congress, hundreds of meetings on Capitol Hill, facility tours in the states, and coordinating two Rally for Roads, which welcomed over a dozen congressional transportation leaders who spoke in support of reauthorization. During Infrastructure Week 2015, the HMG urged continued focus on the importance of America’s roads, highways and bridges to economic growth and prosperity, job creation, and freedom of mobility.

Goals for the Second Session of the 114th Congress include:

  1. Urging Congress to coalesce around the common goal of enacting a long-term, robust and sustainable funding mechanism that addresses the Highway Trust Fund structural deficit, which is essential to stabilize and increase critical highway investments.
  2. Advocating for a Federal Aviation Authorization that contains robust funding to make essential upgrades to the nation’s airport infrastructure.
  3. Ensuring that as Congress examines ways to simplify and restructure the Internal Revenue Code any tax reform enacted includes a new long-term, sustainable user fee-based infrastructure funding mechanism.